Donation Request Form

Green Life Market strives to play an active role in the betterment of our community. We take pride in our ability to contribute to both our local non-profit organizations and our applicable international organizations. We have a number of different avenues of contribution including but not limited to tricky tray baskets, food donations, monetary contributions, gift certificates, profit sharing events, participation in local events and community service. If your non-profit organization is interested in a donation please fill out the information below.

Due to the high number of donation requests that we receive only the requests that are selected will be notified. Please complete this form at least 4 weeks prior to the date of the event/donation.

*A profit sharing event is a once a month event where a percentage of sales will be donated to the participating organization. The chosen organization must cooperate with Green Life Market  to promote the event.  
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If you are not a Green Life Member simply enter "NO"